• February 13, 2022


   Canning Potatoes; White 

    No matter what people tell you, potatoes need peeled before being pressure canned.  Did you know? The bacteria load resides highest in the skins of root vegetables and tomatoes so, peel your potatoes please! 
      This is what I do: I wash my potatoes. I use my apple peeler to peel off the skin from the body of each potato (and a handheld peeler to take off the peel from each end.)  I place my peeled potatoes in cold water that has ‘Fruit Fresh’ sprinkled in which prevents browning.  Dice each potato into 1″ cubes/chunks. and place back into the acidulated water. 
      Once all potatoes are diced, drain and place the cut potatoes in a strainer and rinse well.  Place rinsed potatoes in a large stockpot and fill with fresh water.  Bring water to a boil and boil 2 minutes.  Pack clean prepared jars with hot potatoes to 1″ headspace. Using fresh boiling water pour into each jar to 1″ headspace.  Add kosher salt to each jar if preferred (1/2 tsp for pints; 1 tsp for quarts.)  De-bubble jars and process in a Pressure Canner according to the NCHFP (full instructions here.)  

*According to your altitude
35 minutes for Pints 
40 minutes for Quarts