• May 10, 2022

Haircuts for Men with Naturally Wavy Hair

Men with naturally wavy hair are in luck as they can easily try new hairstyling that works with almost all the modern haircuts. Typically, these men have hair that grows straight before taking on that curly shape.

As long as you’re willing to experiment and try out new looks, you can certainly take advantage of that messy curly hair.


Tips for managing your wavy hair

Here are some useful tips on keeping the wavy hair manageable and in control.


  • Invest in quality products for wavy hair, such as a good conditioner and shampoo. A moisturizing conditioner is excellent for achieving a softer look.
  • Do not use a hairdryer or excessive heat as it can damage the hair, and apply a deep conditioner at least once a week.


  • Do not wash your hair often and air dry your hair; always use a hair-protectant and use styling mousse to hold the hair.
  • Moisturize and condition regularly to get rid of fizziness and apply a sea salt spray to increase volume.

Given below are some great hairstyles for men with naturally wavy or curly hair.

  • Tighter curls – Enhance your natural curls to make them much smaller and tighter with the help of a styling mousse. Stat with a small section of the scalp and build your way up and around.
  • Curly taper look: Go for a masculine and polished appearance by opting for a curly taper fade look which keeps the hair short on the side and back while leaving it longer on the top. The taper fade adds more character to those curls and makes them the focus of your look.
  • Textured crop: The textured crop is one of the most basic for men with wavy hair and is accentuated with a low fade. Style those wavy locks to achieve a great texture and look effortlessly cool and laid-back in this hairstyle.
  • Side-swept look: Brush your hair to the side so that those curls are at the front and center of your appearance. The side-swept curly hair look is a great option to draw attention to your face. However, the hairstyle may need some extra care and maintenance.
  • Slicked back look: Men with wavy hair can opt for slicked-back curls, which can be attention-grabbing. Use a glossy product that complements the natural texture of the air and will suit your face shape.
  • Curly hair bun: A curly bun indeed looks fantastic on some guys and can transform their look completely. They not only look different but more rugged and mature. Thus, go for that bun that is exceptionally great with curly added natural textured hair.

Naturally, curly hair can have the advantage of standing out from the crowds as well as pose a few challenges when it comes to hairstyling and care. Men with both long and short curls can take advantage of the above-listed hairstyles without being conscious of their hair length.


Try out this hairstyle and experiment with different looks to enhance your personality and style. Along with managing your hairstyle, you should also know how to take good care of your wavy hair.


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